Why didn’t the ministers wear a mask and practise social distancing during the broadcasting of the budget?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

For almost two years, we had the government and the health authorities hammering on social distancing stating that we, the citizens of Malta should stay two metres apart and wear masks.

So, can the same authorities explain how come, none of the ministers, except Dr. Fearne and Hon Clyde Caruana, followed these measures during the broadcasting of the budget, as the below photos show?

Not only are the ministers not wearing a mask while seated, but there is no 2 metres distance between each and every one of them.

On the other hand, some members of the opposition did wear a mask.

So, can the other members of parliament and ministers give an explanation to the public? Are they exempt from wearing the mask and from social distancing – measures which the general public must still observe when inside a shop, the office, and any other building or premises? Are they exempt from following the laws which they themselves have come up with? Is the virus absent from parliament?

In addition, during the pre-vaccine rollout, we were ordered to wear the mask when outside, with Profs Gauci telling us that we cannot even eat while walking, and that the mask should never be removed while standing! We were told that we can remove the mask only while seated to eat!

So, how come the ministers are shown without a mask while seated [no food is on their table] and that the speakers could remove the mask while standing? Isn’t this the opposite behaviour of what the public must do when outdoors and indoors?

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