Is it true that it was Jason Azzopardi who first requested Yorgen Fenech’s private phone number in order to get in touch?

After the Speaker of the House found Jason Azzopardi guilty of having lied about Rosianne Cutajar and was instructed to apologize, Jason Azzopardi resorted, once again, to Facebook and posted that he will not apologize!

The whole story began after Jason Azzopardi wrote a post saying that he had heard Rosianne Cutajar using rude words in Parliament in his direction. The Speaker of the House having checked the recordings and the transcripts of the session in question found no evidence whatsoever to substantiate Jason Azzopardi’s accusation. This means that Jason Azzopardi has lied about Rosianne Cutajar.

But instead of apologizing, Jason Azzopardi has also written on Facebook to inform us, that he got to know of the Speaker’s ruling while he was going abroad. I just hope he was not on his way to the Council of Europe. If this is the case, then a local MP who has been caught lying about another deputy in this obscene manner is going to the Council to inform the others there what justice and honesty should truly mean!

But Jason Azzopardi’s post did not end here. He has now divulged more information. He has given us the list of individuals he intends calling up as witnesses because he will not be appealing the Speaker’s ruling. He said that he wants these individuals to bear testimony and declare whether they have received gifts from Yorgen Fenech or not. But the Speakers ruling has nothing to do with gifts. The Speaker’s ruling concerns Azzopardi accusing Cutajar of using offensive or rude words in his direction while in Parliament.

Clearly, Jason is not happy with today’s ruling hence, true to his customary modus operandi, he is going to attempt to use other tactics to muddy the waters to his liking.

Any MP caught behaving in this manner has indeed committed a serious offence and his behaviour is unacceptable.  But in truth, this is not the first time Jason Azzopardi has used this ploy.  Once before, Joseph Muscat asked the Speaker of the House to find Jason Azzopardi in breach of Parliamentary Privilege for what Azzopardi had said about Muscat. The Speaker gave a ruling in favour of Muscat. Azzopardi resorted to these same tactics declaring that he would be asking a number of persons to appear before the Committee of Privileges to testify. I do not know what happened, but it seems to have died a natural death with Jason Azzopardi having yet again not apologized.

Now, among the names listed by Azzopardi as witnesses are Keith Schembri and Yorgen Fenech. In Court, Jason Azzopardi has always avoided asking any pressing questions regarding Keith Schembri. I would be curious to know what questions he would be asking Keith Schembri on this occasion. But, I can assure the reader the answer is none. It is all bluff.

Not even Jason’s friend, the Deputy Advocate of the Republic, Philip Galea Farrugia listed Keith Schembri as a witness to be called in court to be cross-examined by Yorgen Fenech in the Compilation of Evidence.

We next have Jason Azzopardi wanting to call Fenech to testify. Now, this is something I am looking forward to. Jason Azzopardi has already been caught lying that he has never met or taken gifts from the Fenechs. Therefore, this will be a golden opportunity, for us, common mortals, to get to know whether Fenech ever gave any gifts to Azzopardi. And possibly we will learn whether it is true or not, that it was Jason Azzopardi who desperately sought to contact Yorgen Fenech, including making a desperate search to get hold of his private phone number so that he could talk to him.

What is amply evident from Jason Azzopardi shenanigans is that Rosianne Cutajar has to keep on fighting such an accuser who considers himself the rule of law without even being capable of accepting the ruling of the Speaker of the House. Truly Azzopardi is an MP who believes himself to be anointed by the gods and is above the law.       

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