Yorgen Fenech’s chats, downloaded by Europol, end-up with Mark Camilleri

I shall not comment on the controversy between Mark Camilleri and Rosianne Cutajar. However, I cannot fail to note that despite the ban imposed by Magistrate Rachel Montebello regarding the chats in question, this material has now landed in the hands of third parties. It seems that all the data Europol handed over to the Courts has ended up in the hands of third parties.

We now learn that Yorgen Fenech’s chats that Europol presented to Magistrate Montello are now in the hands of Mark Camilleri.  Meanwhile, we have the Deputy Advocate General, Philip Galena Farrugia who does not want Yorgen Fenech to be given bail on the grounds that Fenech could contaminate proofs. Oddly, these proofs held by the police passed on in court to the parties concerned, end up at Mark Camilleri’s.

This story continues to highlight the arbitrariness that exists in what concerned the compilation of evidence presided by Magistrate Rachel Montebello. At the end of the day, we are talking of an individual’s private correspondence; a man who cannot talk because our courts are repeatedly denying him bail, while simultaneously allowing the material the court banned circulation with impunity falls into the hands of third parties.

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