Maltese women are complaining that the Pfizer vaccination has affected their menstruation.


Blog post by Marica Micallef

In one of my previous posts, I referred to posts on Facebook by women who were complaining that the Covid19 vaccination has had a negative effect on their menstruation. These were mostly posted by foreign women. Now, even Maltese women are starting to complain about a change in their period.

A lady asked on a Facebook page if any other lady who took the Pfizer vaccine three months ago, has experienced a change in her menstrual cycle or if the cycle’s due date was late.

A reply stated:  “I took Pfizer in May and my period was regular but I haven’t seen period for 3 months and today it came out of the blues. With irregular flow and the pain is too much.”

Another reply read: “I am having a lot of heavy periods”.

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