Why is there a need for a pilot study when crowds are allowed to gather at Paceville?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I read the article in The Times of Malta entitled “No COVID cluster linked to Paceville clubs”[1].  This conclusion came about after a health spokesperson told the news portal that “there are no Paceville clusters and that most of the positive cases being investigated recently are sporadic cases,” even though:

“The popular destination sees large crowds of people every night, amid reports that revellers and establishment owners are not sticking to the pandemic regulations enacted by the health authorities”, with mask-free revellers crowded on the dance floor.

So why are school children not allowed to be without the mask, like these mask-free revellers? Why aren’t non-vaccinated commuters allowed to be without a mask on the street, while these revellers are allowed to do so, in crowds? Were these revellers all vaccinated? Were all they checked for Covid19?

Is Paceville a special covid-free place? Can the authorities tell us if these revellers and Paceville clubs were fined too, like other members of the public were fined for being without a mask or for breaking any pandemic measure?

Last, but not least, can Dr Fearne explain how he announced that a 300-person indoor event for vaccinated people will take place on Friday 8th October, in order to “serve as a pilot study for entertainment events over the Christmas period[2]”? Don’t crowded dancefloors in Paceville already serve as a “pilot study” for indoor events to be allowed?

It seems that restrictions and measures are not the same across the board. No wonder many restaurant and club owners are not buying anything and did not accept the government proposal to allow into their premises the vaccinated persons only.

If crowded environments are working in Paceville, then they can work anywhere else. Or are Paceville clubs being preferred, thus choosing discrimination over the rest?

Can this be another context of money talks or another instance of convoluting and confusing covid regulations?

[1] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/no-covid-cases-linked-to-paceville-clubs.900308

[2] https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/booster-shots-to-be-rolled-out-for-healthcare-workers-teachers-in.906199?fbclid=IwAR2Vhvcy-MkzmVNrR6rCEe26umzFFRLu6CLKd6shCRFw4CcgPdYduSjh0Y8

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