Boosters and their effect on the Maltese people and their freedom

Blog post by Marica Micallef

It seems fishy and suspicious that the possible removal of masks from children might take place after the Christmas holidays.  Why am I making such an observation? It is so because this is coming to fruition at the same time as the roll-out of boosters for teachers (and healthcare workers) in December, as announced by Dr. Fearne while speaking during the opening of a new surgical ward, as published by the Times of Malta[1]. Again, I feel that we have the same deal-or-no-deal game and treatise between the governments and the nations.

Governments have been ordering their nations on what to do in exchange for “carrots” or freebies since the beginning of this pandemic until we reached taking the two doses of the vaccine so that we can return to “normal”. Now it seems that once teachers take the booster, students can remove the masks. So, what the government is saying is:  take the booster so that the mask mandate in schools for students is scrapped. Will the mask mandate be also scrapped for teachers in their workplace? And will this new scenario be extended to other workplaces?

What will happen if some teachers refuse the booster or in the case where we have teachers who refused the Covid19 vaccine in the first place? The authorities, as usual, refrain from digging deeper in the hole.

In addition, why is this booster necessary and in such a short period of time after the first two doses of the Covid19 vaccine were administered? Doesn’t this mean that the vaccine has already lost its effectiveness? So, will the booster also lose its effectiveness and the people will be told to take another booster, and another booster, and another booster for the next upcoming years? How will the body react to all these vaccines, one after the other?

The Times of Malta tells us that Dr. Fearne “said the booster shot has already proven its worth, as a trend of rising cases in elderly homes in August and September has been reversed.” August and September? Weren’t we told, by the same Times of Malta, that “Authorities initially planned on starting the administration of booster shots on September 13, but moved that date forward after two clusters of cases were found within care homes last week?[2]” So where does the month of August come in? Wasn’t September the month in which the booster rollout had to start in elderly homes? Is this a slip of the tongue or a mistake by Dr. Fearne? While some readers might wonder what’s in a date or a month, the date/month is important because firstly, politicians are obliged to be truthful to the people, and secondly, if we start witnessing more deaths or unhealthy side-effects, we can then pinpoint to the boosters and the start of their roll-out.

Just like there might be possible scrapping of the school mask mandate, can the authorities inform the public if this booster will be necessary for the scrapping of the covid pass and for travelling? Or will it be necessary for its renewal? If an already vaccinated person refuses the booster, will the same person lose all the “rights” and “freedom” he thought he has acquired and what the authorities have promised with the taking of the vaccines?

It seems that the governments have turned into bullies where some allowances are granted only if the people do another “sacrifice” – this time the sacrifice is to put another dose in your body.

Since we were told that the vaccine worked because “covid deaths and numbers have decreased” why the booster? And in the scenario that only a minority goes for the booster, will covid deaths and numbers be on the rise again, meaning, that the vaccines were futile?



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