Further thoughts on Yorgen Fenech’s trial by media

A letter from a reader of this blog

I read with interest the submission of one of your readers with the title: Yorgen Fenech: Trial by Media, which lists a number of shameful irregularities which characterized the compilation of evidence in the preliminary run-up to the jury and showed how the jury is irreparably compromised. Indeed, as your correspondent stated, one does not need to be a lawyer to see through the web of lies and co-ordinated personal attack on Mr. Fenech, which the faction with a vested interest to see him found guilty, quickly and unashamedly launched over the past two years. 

I would imagine that a 5 (or whatever sum has last been mentioned) million compensation will go a long way to assuage long periods without real gainful employment, pay various legal bills, and repay the political party which is abetting the efforts of those fighting to have Mr. Fenech found guilty. A real motive to push for a guilty indictment even if they know that there is no proof of this.

The attack on Mr. Fenech was aided and abetted by some of the foremost news portals in the country, and fuelled by comments on social media by those who swallowed the venom, for venom it was, against Mr. Fenech hook, line and sinker. Shame on the editors who allowed their newspapers to carry such biased articles and write-ups. You have probably broken the entire journalistic code amongst you.  Stand up in front of the nation and declare openly that your news portals are not interested in reporting objectively – they are only interested in creating a dislike, sensationalism and distrust, an envy, of Mr. Fenech and those close to him, so that the trial is prejudiced before it has even started.  Admit that some of you who profess to hold religious principles as your core beliefs were nearer to the work of the devil in this case than that of Christ. 

So many calumnies were put forward that have no base in proof or truth – such as that the prison officials are giving Mr Fenech preferential treatment, alleged relationships, the publication of various text messages which were then arbitrarily interpreted in the most sinister of ways.  Not one backing shred of evidence is put forward – nothing but speculation that is intended to cause the most harm possible to a person who should be protected by LAW against all this.  Where is the rule of law that so many of the people spreading these lies clamoured for? Where? The institutions of our country have fallen so short of the standard expected of them. They are there to protect us all, whoever we are. Remember that allegation that the Judge deciding on the question of bail would be biased because years and years ago he had an inconsequential business deal with the Fenechs? Wasn’t that the desperate act of one who would stop at nothing to have a basic, humanitarian treatment given to everyone denied to Mr. Fenech at all costs?

Then there is the actual investigation carried out by the police – in our country the police force was simply incapable of carrying out an investigation on its own merits – so they solved the case because a well-known criminal was given a presidential pardon. Has no one deemed it fit to ask whether the police absolutely had no methods to make this person talk without a pardon? So the nation had to stomach the fact that Melvin Theuma played a crucial part in the murder (and committed various other crimes) but will get off scot-free – because the nation has been poisoned and manipulated to turn its hatred onto Mr. Fenech. It does make one proud of our system of justice, doesn’t it?

It is evident that our hard-earned taxes are paying for a very costly system of justice that does not have the ability to rise above the evil intentions of the few who have in this case hi-jacked the court and used it to further their diabolical agenda. They have taken our courts hostage and there is no one to stop them from doing this – by now it is becoming quite clear why.  The government cannot afford to have the truth about who is really responsible to come out and Mr. Fenech’s accusers are desperate for monetary compensation. There is still time for redemption however, it will only take a truly honest, upright, consciously unbiased, representative of our court and justice system, who will not let their conscience rest until all the truth has been uncovered to bring about this redemption and right some of the wrongs that have been perpetrated by our courts so far.

To the objective onlooker, it is quite clear who the real heroes in this case are. Not the ones who allowed a key witness to lie under oath, not the ones who allowed important evidence to be destroyed, not the ones who failed to present important evidence in court but presented only what suited them, not the police officers who treated the criminal Theuma as if he was their best friend. It is those who provide the common citizen with the opportunity to present his opinions, those who dare to look beyond the hatred overflowing from some people against Mr. Fenech, and those who can think clearly and not be influenced by the misleading and hate-filled media campaign.  Perhaps there are not many of those but their numbers will increase as they realise how they have been deliberately misled. And no, the truth and freedom of speech is not the prerogative of a few or of Daphne Caruana Galizia – but of all of us.  The wish is that the fight to unearth the truth, as well as the hidden motives of some of those involved in this case, will endure!

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