Does Jason Azzopardi pay for his reserved parking in Sliema?

Following yesterday’s article, where I asked Jason Azzopardi if it is true that he has reserved parking at the Strand in Sliema, I received the following message from a reader.

That is where I normally park when I go to Sliema. When I was there last Wednesday, I was told I could not park there. The bays were now marked reserved and remained empty right through the time I was there. Who the hell does he think he is? I pay 4 euro whenever I go, irrespective of the length of time and I don’t mind because at least I do not have to go into an underground park at the Point because I fear underground parking altogether wherever they are available. Otherwise, I simply don’t go and turn back home.

But is Jason Azzopardi paying and if so how much? Or is he a privileged citizen being an MP does not have to pay?

One thought on “Does Jason Azzopardi pay for his reserved parking in Sliema?

  1. My Lawyer told me you can park there as its not legal that reserve he will take care himself about the citation.

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