Another post about the illogical Covid measurements in Malta

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I came across another post on Facebook which keeps on showing how the Covid-19 measures are not only ridiculous but that Covid-19 has never been and will never be about your health! A Maltese resident who had to travel abroad for work-related purposes wrote:

Can the local health authorities explain why is only a PCR test considered, as valid when one has to travel, whereas other EU countries accept a rapid test?

Can the local health authorities explain why residents are still being asked to quarantine whereas, in other EU countries, quarantine is not done? How come this lady went abroad and could start her work duties immediately while there, while once back on this little island, she had to quarantine for 14 days?

And most important of all, since the mandatory quarantine for travellers is that of 14 days, where the traveller is to SELF-ISOLATE, can the local health authorities explain why the second PCR test is not done at the home of the resident, on the 14th day? How come this resident was asked to take a PCR test on the tenth day of the quarantine period and, was even allowed to go to the testing centre by taxi?! If quarantine means self-isolating, then how come was this resident allowed to go out and even get in contact with two taxi drivers, one who took her to the testing centre and one who took her back home? Since her result came back negative, why does she still have to quarantine for more days? How ironic is the statement issued from the Pathology Department of Mater Dei, stating “If you are in quarantine, you must remain in isolation for as long as you are instructed to do so”! So is now this same department giving instructions to those in quarantine to go out before the 14 days elapse when it should not be the case and it is against the order given out by the health authorities at Mater Dei? Since when it is fine for this same department for a person who is self-isolating, to take a taxi and do a PCR test, before the 14 days elapse? Isn’t this contrary to what was ordered at the beginning of the pandemic and people who were caught roaming outside while in quarantine, were fined??

This reminds me of the similar experience that my mother went through when she was put in quarantine when dad was hospitalised. My mum had to call and ask if she was going to have a PCR test on the 14th day. The reply was that she had to go herself to Mater Dei’s testing centre. Since my mum does not drive, she also had to be driven by someone, which is, by default, against the quarantine protocol in itself!

Can the local health authorities explain how do they want us to take them seriously? There are so many things that do not make sense since the start of this pandemic and something in our spirit, is right to tell us that something has been brewing all along!

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