Talk.MT blames the non-vaccinated for the spread of the Delta plus variant

Blog post by Marica Micallef

First, it was Covid-19. Then came the Delta and now, we have the Delta Plus! With all these new names coming up, I might as well learn the Greek alphabet as now, all new strains are being given Greek Letters of the alphabet! It seems to be a never-ending story and the media prefers to keep the people enclosed in a cocoon of fear and acquiescence rather than liberating them to a state of freedom, inner power, and health!

A case in point is the latest article from Talk.MT[1] which points fingers and blames the non-vaccinated for the possible entry of the Delta plus into our country. It also states that this is according to medical sources. However, it does not state who the persons interviewed are. Neither do they quote any medical journal or paper in this article! So, it makes me wonder what kind of sources Talk.MT is quoting or who are the persons whom this media interviewed for its article!

The same article gives a mirror scenario of the United Kingdom where it is said that in a week, 934 people died of Covid-19. Excuse me! Are you talking of Covid-19 or of the Delta plus? Didn’t the media and the governments tell the public that thanks to the vaccine, Covid-19 will be less strong and there will be no deaths? And aren’t people being offered the booster now?

So don’t these people consider themselves safe and protected? Why should the blame fall onto the non-vaccinated? How can they transmit this virus to the vaccinated persons?

The same media portal states that if such a situation occurs in Malta, then the non-vaccinated will have to endure stricter measures. Well, this is a bullying tactic and I am sure that the non-vaccinated will not comply and bow to any bullying.

Moreover, I would like to invite the same media portal to go to the hospital and investigate whether those hospitalized have been vaccinated or not. According to the message below, which is from a Maltese person, who is knowledgeable about facts, is stating that 6 people ended up in hospital because of the vaccine.


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