Times Journalist Jacob Borg failed to say that it was Michael Fenech Adami who introduced Frank Psaila to the Tumas Group


Last Monday, 17th October, Jacob Borg had an article in the TOM in which he refers to a story concerning the MEP elections held in 2019. Dr. Frank Psaila, a young lawyer, was one of the PN candidates for the post. Jacob Borg continues to write that Dr. Psaila told him that he was introduced to Yorgen Fenech by a Nationalist Party employee way back in 2015. But conveniently, Borg did not ask Psaila for the name of this employee who introduced him (that is Psaila) to Yorgen Fenech. In truth, Psaila was not introduced to Yorgen Fenech but to Ray Fenech and then, it was through such contact, that Psaila was introduced to Yorgen Fenech.  

This site is in a position to reveal that it was Michael Fenech Adami, son of the former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami, who introduced Dr. Frank Psaila to the Tumas Group.

Jacob Borg depicts Dr. Frank Psaila as a sort of mischievous or maverick politician simply because of having made acquaintance with the Fenechs. Borg also refers to the story that Yorgen Fenech offered Psaila a job. Even here, Borg is not correct in his reporting. It was Ray Fenech who offered Psaila a job after consulting Yorgen Fenech. After the EU election, Psaila was not elected and Ray Fenech just renewed the offer after consulting Yorgen Fenech, an offer that Psaila declined.

Furthermore, Borg argues that Yorgen Fenech and the former PN leader, Adrian Delia, worked against Casa not to be elected in that election. In truth, in the previous legislature, the PN had three MEPs. Psaila was fighting for one of these three seats. Unfortunately, David Casa’s supporters adopted a block vote strategy with the result that PN lost its third seat and remained with just two seats! This is another sore point that Jacob Borg fails to mention.  

In recent months, Times’ journalists have carried out a systematic campaign to make it appear that whosoever has had talks, held business meetings, or dealt with Yorgen Fenech is a corrupt person. This explains why Jacob Borg failed to mention Michael Fenech Adami, as the latter was employed with the Tumas Group and knew Yorgen Fenech very well, as well as being well acquainted with the rest of the Fenech family.

What adds to the effrontery of this article is that Michael Fenech Adami’s mother-in-law has had the gall to write a post on Facebook hitting out at Frank Psaila as a politician because ‘business people use their money to buy politicians” while forgetting that it was her son-in-law Michael who had introduced Dr. Frank Psaila to the Tumas Group.

Meanwhile Michael Fenech Adami today militates in Repubblika and Occupy Justice.