“I took the venom inside me for nothing”: the story of a woman who is still suffering the side effects of the Covid19 vaccination

Blog post by Marica Micallef:

In a lengthy post on Facebook, a Maltese citizen expresses her anger towards the mandates that are currently in force in Malta. This woman had the charge to share her experience after taking the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine, a vaccine she took in order to be able to travel and visit her family members in Tunisia.  The post was in Maltese. In English, her post will read as follows:

“I was healthy until I took the Pfizer dose, when I started suffering from heart issues; I was full of aches and pains from a heart and nerve inflammation, together with lack of breath. When I went to hospital in pain, nobody cared. I took this cursed vaccine because we had to travel to Tunisia to visit family members.

And then Dr. Chris Fearne comes out will all those restrictions! I wasn’t yet diagnosed with myocarditis because no doctor cares, as they are all brainwashed. I took this venom inside me for nothing. I had Covid but had recovered on my own, thus I had natural immunity and now I ended up sick for the rest of my life.

I am still 34 years old with two young kids. If I had to die today and leave my children behind, isn’t it all your responsibility – Dr Fearne, and Charmaine? My life got destroyed with this venom. AND NO, THE INJURIES ARE NOT RARE – it is very common to get ill thanks to the vaccine because I got fed up with seeing and talking with people who either ended up suffering from the same side-effects or other types, like blood clots, thromboses and paralyzes. Are we going to keep on playing games with people? Saying that vulnerable people need the injection?

THE INJECTION IS THE VENOM THAT IS MAKING PEOPLE VULNERABLE. Do you know what vulnerable people need? Healthy organic food, vitamins acquired naturally, fruit and vegetables without chemicals and pesticides; the same that the Elites eat because after all they know what is good for them. Did you think we are so stupid? Of course that the vaccine is working! It is doing what it has been created for – to make people sick, kill them, and affecting people’s immune system for depopulation, and the remaining will remain dependent on medicine so that the pharmaceutical companies will keep on earning money, right? Remove all the restrictions now, remove the mask mandate from us, from our children, and don’t touch our children.

Shame on you for all you have done. I don’t know how you manage to sleep at night. You have turned the world upside down with evil.”

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