I am told my website has been spoofed

I have received a message that someone, somewhere, has spoofed my website. What is bizarre in all this is not that someone made a copy of my website but that journalists get to know that my website has been spoofed before I do. One particular journalist is concluding erroneously that since, so far, I am the last to have had my website copied, this is proof according to him that  I am behind these spoofs. I am sorry to disappoint one and all but I am too busy and have no time for such idiotic games. This is the sort of journalism that we have in Malta today. One that is happy to hit out left, right and centre without any intelligent thinking before lashing out with wild conclusions. Once I have tangible proof of my website having been spoofed, I will follow up on the matter with the authorities concerned  

I once received a message from one of The Times of Malta’s journalists asking me about a WhatsApp group that originated in the USA. Up to then, I did not even know that a WhatsApp group had been formed. I remember that back then, some journalists pointed their fingers at me for creating this group when in fact I never did. I had nothing to do with this group and did not even know it existed.  

I am not particularly concerned whether someone spoofs my website for the simple reason that at the end of the day they still do not have the capacity or intelligence to know what I am thinking. I take all this with a pinch of salt.

I will have no problem making a formal report to the police on this matter when the time comes. But I hope that those journalists who were informed that my Website had been spoofed, will have the decency and temerity to state how and who informed them that there is a website that is a false replica of mine.

As I did when I received spoof phone calls from the Depot and from Jason Azzopardi’s mobile, I will have no problem reporting these spoofs to the Police Cyber Crime Unit. In the past, I have already referred to this unit those who were hiding behind fake profiles, including the famous or infamous Marica Galea whose email was mattxue2@mgail.com.

Furthermore, I am a registered user of WordPress to whom  I shall be also reporting this matter and it will know how to go about it.

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