Health Authorities failed in their attempt to introduce measures to discriminate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated patrons

Blog post by Marica Micallef

On September 28th, The Times of Malta and other local media news portals reported new rules and restrictions for restaurants.

These new rules were announced by Dr. Fearne by which bars, każini (social clubs), and restaurants were to benefit from a release of restrictions if they opted to allow entry to only vaccinated clients into their establishment. These rules were to come into force from 9th October, and those establishments which accepted to participate could benefit from:

a) Maximum of eight people at a table (up from six)

b) Tables that are 1.5m apart (down from 2m)

c) Opening hours extended to 3 am (from 2 am)

d) Customers served at bars with Perspex (not just table service)

e) Louder music that goes up to 80 decibels”

I did not know that there was a connection between loud music and the Covid19 virus and that if unvaccinated listen to loud music, they were more liable to spread the disease! These are the type of scientific arguments that are being proposed by our local Health Authorities. I am no longer surprised by these idiosyncrasies and the outcome!

What was the result of all this? A big failure on the part of the Government and the Health Authorities. For this reason, I was pleased to read the outcome that a number of establishments decided not to participate in this new scheme. Dr. Fearne “announced that 20 restaurants and bars have applied to limit themselves to only admitting vaccinated clients, in exchange for fewer restrictions.” I think the media portal has forgotten to add the word ONLY before the number 20 which will turn into “only 20 restaurants and bars have applied”.

I was pleased to read this and had a nice smile on my face! Why? This is because it means that restaurant and bar owners did not buy the divide and rule game of the Health Authorities. Restaurant and bar owners care for ALL their clients. Restaurant and bar owners do not want to judge their clients on whether they are vaccinated or not. Restaurant and bar owners prefer to embrace the vibe of unity and love rather than go to the divide and conquer wavelength.

Well done to all those restaurant and bar owners who have decided to opt for unity and refused to discriminate between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.

Thank you!

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