BLACK MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 1979: 42 years on

Blog post Hermann Farrugia

Remembering cowardly incidents of hateful Socialist Violence when Nationalist activists at Floriana had had a lucky escape just moments before ‘The Red Mob’ (that incidentally had never been identified let alone apprehended and punished) decided to gather in order to pillage, ransack and set arson attack at the minuscule Nationalist Party Club on St. Anne Street. One of the severest episodes in the long savage sequence of eighteen plus similar attacks on the Każin Nazzjonalista Floriana.

But then… in the darkest of times. when Freedom of Expression and of Association was systematically stifled, Nationalist Sectional Committee Members and Party supporters used to stoically live up to their duty roles and responsibilities…

Today, all that generally withstands is a whole set of near-abandoned even empty locality ‘Party Uffiċċji’ still thankfully sporting the party emblem externally as a mere vestige of the former party enthusiasm of the seventies and eighties… even possibly that displayed until the latter nineties.

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  1. If my memory serves me right, the burning of the Times were triggered by the attempt on Mintoff’s life inside Castille, which unfortunately is not mentioned much.

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