Can the lawyer, who works in the financial sector, explain why Jason Azzopardi is always in the limelight of these spoofs?

I hope that BugM, who is a lawyer in his forties working in the financial sector with a well-known legal firm that is awarded contracts from the current government but is rarely in the news, explains to the world why Jason Azzopardi is always in the limelight, spoofs included? This is being stated to show how ridiculous is his argument below:


And in case BugM missed one of my posts, wherein I referred to a second call that I received yesterday evening, the number from which this call was made, is that of Jason Azzopardi!

As a prove, I am reproducing hereunder the mobile number which contacted me yesterday evening on my mobile.

I wish to be clear that I am sure that Dr. Jason Azzopardi did not make these calls.

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