Today, I received an “anonymous phone call” from Police HQ asking me to stop writing in favour of Alex Dalli

Today, I happened to have a court sitting before Magistrate Marsanne Farrugia. These concerned the libel case instituted by lawyer Arthur Azzopardi and the two contempt of court cases, instigated by the Caruana Galizia family and Philip Galea Farrugia respectively. Linking these three cases are my blogs.  

I would not have mentioned today’s sittings were it not for a bizarre phone call I received an hour or so later on after the hearing ended.

The phone call came from a landline. The number was 2122 4001. The person phoned me on my mobile. He or she phoned three times. The first two calls I answered but nobody spoke. The third time I picked up the call a person at the other end did not identify him/herself. Instead, I heard an animated or a robotic voice of a woman. The message was in English and a robotic voice warned me “to stop writing in favour of Alex Dalli as you are harming persons like me”.

If this person believes that I am harming her, he or she (as it could be a man using an animated voice of a woman) can contact me. I have no problem discussing his/her thoughts and views.

But the crux of the phone call is that the phone number from which this call came is that of the Police Depot’s Control Room.  I shall not comment any further at this stage. But I do urge the Police Commissioner to investigate this case seriously and check whether somebody from the Control Room has phoned me or whether through some sort of technical manipulation the control room number was used to reach me on my mobile.

As I have stated on another occasion, in the past, I used to receive anonymous calls but thanks to the help received from a Go technician, these calls cannot take place any longer because whoever calls needs to have his/her phone number identified.

One thing, I wish to make clear with whoever made this phone call via 21224001, I am not going to be intimidated by such calls. I have not been intimidated by the three legal proceedings instituted against me and I shall continue writing even about the current situation in the prison if need be. This last call has only served the purpose to further convince me that there is a concerted effort to demonize the prison system and the Director of the Prison for having had the guts to finally bring some order – for the first time in its recent history – to our correctional facilities.

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