Adrian Delia’s work for the PN is starting to be appreciated

Last Saturday’s election results were disastrous for the PN but were a significant victory for Adrian Delia. Without having been involved in any way in this election, wherein the local councillors elected their representatives on the Executive Council of their Local Council Association, the ‘two’ PN individuals elected on this board are all Delia’s people.

One needs to remember that the PN held internal elections to choose the person to contest the election for the post of the President of the Region of the East. This internal election was contested by Tony Chircop of Sliema and Michael Fenech Adami and was won by Tony Chircop who is considered a Delia man. Labour did not contest the official election and as a result, Tony Chircop was automatically elected president of the region and a member of the Executive Council.

Then, there were the elections for the four representatives to be chosen by the Councillors to represent them on this executive Council. The PN had two candidates, Charles Bonello and Graziella Galea. Charles Bonello only got elected in these elections. Graziella Galea, who is the daughter of Ċensu Galea, both key figures in the current establishment failed to make it. A number of Nationalist Councillors preferred to vote for a Labour representative rather than to give her a vote.

Clearly, a number of councillors are angry at the current PN administration. They had knowledge of the workings within the party and were not disposed to support the candidates of the administration.

This became even more evident in the elections held in Gozo. Here, voting was for the President of the Gozo Regional Council. The administration’s choice was Robert Tabone. Half the Nationalists Councillors in Gozo preferred Samuel Azzopardi. Even if Samuel Azzopardi is considered as “tifel tal-partit“, (son of the party), the administration worked against him. Thus, this is another indirect win for Adrian Delia. With these elections, Adrian Delia got vindicated.

Thus, the two candidates that the PN has on the executive council, are both from Delia’s camp.

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