Manuel Delia: the man behind the Arriva disaster preaches about the proposed Metro in Malta

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It seems that Manuel Delia has not yet given up. One must truly be so full of oneself, so arrogant and stubborn to be so daring as to write an article vilifying the Metro proposals when he was the one to make a mess of Public Transport and left all the Maltese stranded. Manuel Delia is one and the same person who presented, on a golden plate, the Arriva reality that was then used by Joseph Muscat throughout the electoral campaign in 2013.

Now he is again writing to show us how knowledgeable he is on the subject of public transport and once again makes many mistakes. Lord forbid anyone had to listen to him, for once again he would go crashing straight into a wall. No wonder Simon Busuttil did not involve Manuel Delia when he proposed the Metro before the 2017 election.

In his article about the Metro, Manuel Delia makes serious mistakes in his calculations. He says that Malta does not have a large enough population to ride the metro and therefore such a project is not viable. But this genius forgets to take into account the 2 million tourists per year who used to visit Malta prior to the Covid lockdown and who by next year will be returning. Do you realize what a serious mistake that is? Of these 2 million, surely one-half will use the Metro just like we do when we travel.

Manuel Delia’s hypocrisy knows no bounds when in his article he also criticises Government’s ongoing advertising campaign.  He tells us that this advertising campaign should not be running because not everybody agrees that we need a Metro. It seems he has forgotten just how much money he spent from our taxes to inform us that Arriva was on the way. He has also forgotten how much money he spent to then go on to destroy the bus owners’ daily livelihood. Now he tells us that money is being spent uselessly.

Manuel Delia has every right to voice his opinion but public decency demands that when one has been the cause of so much harm it would be wise to step back before starting once again to pontificate on the same subject for which one was responsible and who caused irreparable damage to Gonzi’s government that had just rescued the Nation from financial collapse.

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