Worth listening to some sound reflections on the real meaning and significance of the Facebook shut-down two days ago

This is an hour-long interview with the founder of BitChute.com, Ray Vahey. BitChute is a platform like YouTube with the difference that it does not exercise any sort of censorship. It allows full freedom of expression. For this reason, BitChute was dubbed as being pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi because it allows these groups, as well as any other group, to upload their videos, without censorship.

This interview was triggered by what happened two days ago when Facebook and other social media channels, like Instagram – all belonging to Mark Zuckerberg – went down due to technical problems.

But in listening to this conversation, a tale in the book Ħal Maqtugħ u Stejjer Oħra by John Spiteri Gingell, came to mind. The story talks about an individual who decides to disconnect from all modern gadgets that have ended up controlling his life.

In this interview, there is a sound discussion on how such forms of accidental shutdowns can be a prelude to more sophisticated shutdowns aimed at controlling the lives of citizens in a new world order that is being created which, while appearing democratic on the surface, is nothing more than a sophisticated form of dictatorship. Most of the world’s citizens are not wholly aware of what is going on. They are being conditioned by marketing propaganda that seeks to convince them that what is going on is not censorship but actions to safeguard their rights and security, which is not true. 

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  1. BITCHUTE is much more truthful and Honest then Youtube will ever be. DEMOCRATS dont like it because it exposes real truth about there sick ways

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