What has been told about me has been proven to be untrue

Last week, Manuel Mangani wrote a post on my group Facebook page wherein he made the following statement:

Whoever is in the public eye and is trying to influence public opinion needs to be honest and declare his source of income. This holds also to you, Simon Mercieca, if it is true, as some are affirming, that you are getting money or other benefices, through your writings in support of Yorgen Fenech“.

In truth, this story that I am being paid by Yorgen Fenech was started by the Executive Officer of Repubblika, Manuel Delia. He even wrote an article to ask me specifically how much money was I receiving from Yorgen Fenech.

What I can state is that I was the sole individual, against whom the Tumas Group issued a press release to the media to disagree with an article I had written about the Casinos. This press release was signed by Ray Fenech. It should be noted that to date Ray Fenech has never issued a press release against Manuel Delia regarding the number of false articles that he wrote concerning the Tumas Group.

Mangani should know that the Fenechs were not the only persons mentioned as financing my writings. Nicky Azzopardi, who until recently was on the payroll of the EU, once stated that I am being paid by the Maltese State. To my knowledge, the only organization within the Maltese State that has the power and the legal means to request covert payments is the MSS, that is, Malta’s Secret Service. I am not in contact with the Maltese Secret Services and that I am not receiving any covert payments from the State.

Nicky Azzopardi was then joined by another lawyer, Martina Farrugia, who like Azzopardi, militates within Repubblika and Occupy Justice. She wrote a long post about the spoof articles. I would not have commented on her post, but as she happened to mention my name I cannot but give my views.

According to this lawyer, “no one is spoofing Simon Mercieca’s website or that of TVM or of One news. They’re not a threat to the stable (dis)order of this country.”

Unfortunately for Martina Farrugia, her logic became illogical for the TVM became subject to this spoof but no one made a fuss about it. I wish to remind Mangani that according to Jason Azzopardi, the person uploading these spoofs was a Bulgarian who charging 1500 euros an hour to create them!

What is fact is that when I was served with three court cases, there were those who wanted to organize crowdfunding to help me financially. I am stating this to make it clear that I have never asked anybody for money or demanded payment for my writings. What I can state is that after having started this website, I found a lot of help. I was approached by individuals who offered to start writing articles for free for this blog, and citizens, who wanted to give donations in support. I hope to have once again answered Magnani’s statement loud and clear.

Martina Farrugia believes that these spoofs are being done to discredit the original voice by mimicking the original content to discredit the truth. But who needs to discredit Manuel Delia when he has done a right proper job to discredit himself?

Joining Manuel Delia in a campaign of disinformation were those journalists fully supporting Repubblika and Occupy Justice. These are the upcoming wokists in Malta who are trying their damnest to discredit Malta overseas. This is a political strategy that can only fool those who do not know the true facts about our islands.

It was Enver Hoxha’s model to attack journalists and critics for speaking out their minds and for criticizing the regime and their pundits. It is Hoxha model that Repubblika and Occupy Justice want to introduce in Malta with the help of their European friends and politicians. It was a dire Communist model to ridicule opponents by resorting to lewd sexual language. Their only aim is to make their opponents look like fools without realizing that they are making fools of themselves with their statements.

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