Revealing more lies and half-truths told by Ian Castaldi Paris about Yorgen Fenech

This site is in a position to reveal another lie of Ian Castaldi Paris, this time it concerns what he said about Yorgen Fenech.  According to Castaldi Paris, Yorgen Fenech sent him a message, and Ian Castaldi Paris felt that it would be impolite not to reply. Apparently, he wanted to give the impression that he only answered Yorgen Fenech’s message out of politeness.

The truth is that Ian Castaldi Paris and Yorgen Fenech know each other since childhood. Both attended the same school – St. Edward’s. From age six, Ian Castaldi Paris was in Yorgen’s brother’s class.

The truth is that those who were once Yorgen Fenech’s best friends, attending each other’s birthday parties, now do not want to be connected with Yorgen supposedly because of the 17 BLACK story. Therefore, had Ian Castaldi Paris wanted to be truthful with the Times’ journalist, he should have told him straight and plain that he had known Yorgen Fenech since their school days and that was the reason why he was messaging him.

This story shows what type of friends surrounded Yorgen Fenech and what prospective politicians we have. The truth is that most of the attacks that we are witnessing against Yorgen Fenech do not come from those who are convinced that he is guilty of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, instead, it all boils down to ‘class’ envy. This came clearly out in the reply that Ian Castaldi Paris gave the journalist regarding the messages to Yorgen Fenech, wherein, Castaldi Paris told Yorgen that he (Ian Castaldi Paris) owned mansions in the UK.  When cornered by the journalist, Castaldi Paris said that it was all a bluff. I wonder whether Castaldi knows what he is saying re: bluffing!

Incidentally, another individual who attended the same school as Yorgen Fenech, and therefore, knows Ian Castaldi Paris very well, is David Grech, one of the investors of Lovin Malta. Perhaps, this can explain why Lovin Malta is not writing about this story besides the fact, that Ian Castaldi Paris still has ties with the Nationalist Party to the extent that the Nationalist Party is avoiding commenting on this story.

No doubt, David Grech still remembers the story when Yorgen Fenech came first when both were in Middle School and Yorgen Fenech won the first prize for his essay on Berlusconi. Lovin Malta, ever true to form, chose to distort facts, dug up this story, and in an attempt to compare Yorgen to Berlusconi rehashed the school prize and presented it as a soiree being won by Yorgen!!! How sad that childhood envies should continue to haunt those Maltese who still consider themselves the elite of Malta.

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