The Pandora Box papers reveal that the Electrogas project was first proposed to Lawrence Gonzi by John Dalli in 2008.

Yesterday, I wrote a post stating that it was strange that none of the main media outlets reported anything about the ‘Pandora’ Papers. Today, we had a reply. All the media outlets mentioned the Pandora Box papers. The Times of Malta was the first to write an article naming a Maltese, John Dalli, who is on this list. But what comes out from the Pandora Box Papers, is that Electrogas was first mentioned as a project by Paul Apap Bologna to Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi back in 2008.

It is clear that Yorgen Fenech was dragged into this project because of his business acumen. It should be remembered that a year ago, Gasan had expressed the view that he wanted to quit this project, but last week, when approached by a Times of Malta journalist on the subject,

“Gasan says ‘no developments’ in its plan to exit Electrogas, one year on… A spokesman for Gasan confirmed with the Times of Malta there had been no developments in their bid to exit the project…”

More importantly, this revelation in the Pandora Box shows how off the mark was the three judges’ investigation where they linked the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia to ElectroGas.

Had Daphne Caruana Galizia truly been interested in Electrogas, she should have started investigating it around 2008, when it was first proposed to Government. After all, she had direct links with Gonzi’s Government whom she supported whole-heartedly, and had Gonzi smelled a rat somewhere, he would have told her so.  

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