A return to insinuations against me by main stream journalists

This site has received info that either tomorrow or in the coming days, there is going to be another attempt by journalists – working for the local English language newspapers – to try and discredit me by again trying to attribute to me deeds that I have not committed. This is being done by either stories, where they do not actually name me, or else they try to link me to individuals with whom I may have a casual rapport.

Last week there was an article in Lovin Malta. I was mentioned because I happen to be using the services of Dr. Mario Mifsud.  Lovin Malta believes that it can dictate who I can or cannot engage as a barrister. Just for the record, Dr. Mifsud is defending me in court following the false accusations made by the Caruana Galizia family and its cronies and for those who are curious, I retain more than one lawyer.

It seems that mainstream journalists intend to regurgitate the story that I am behind the spoofed articles. There was an attempt in the past to state that I am the person behind these articles without mentioning me by name. Both Joe Borg of NewsBook and his friend Manuel Delia have tried to insinuate that I was responsible for these spoofs and that Yorgen Fenech – who incidentally, is locked behind bars – was paying me for these spoofs! Their imagination is indeed fertile. I cannot understand how a person locked up behind bars – in a prison that Joe Borg and Manuel Delia et al declare atrocious for the high security that the current director has introduced – can even remotely think of spoofs.

But still, even though this has been proven to have been a lie, invented by Manuel Delia, I know that there are at least two media outlets trying to resuscitate this myth. This is being done using Daphne Caruana Galizia’s strategy. She used to invent lies about her opponents while linking the lie to half-truths to make it all seem credible. She also resorted to portraying, an individual she wanted to destroy, as stupid or lunatic, or both.  This sort of journalism in Malta is finding support from a handful of foreign journalists and international quarters that in turn are being paid from our taxes through the money they receive from European institutions. Luckily for me, I have the privilege and financial independence to be able to speak my mind and give my views and analysis without the need to resort to such underhanded and unethical tactics.

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