Judging from Manuel Delia’s discourse, I too should be seeking protection as I received phone calls from withheld numbers

The main news of the day is that Manuel Delia is leaving Malta because he has received threats and phone calls from private numbers. Delia broke this news to the Italian media. It was then picked up by all mainstream media in Malta.

With Manuel Delia’s argument, I too should be doing the same.  I too have received phone calls from private ID callers. Once the phone call connected me to the Qawra police station. Before terminating the call, the policeman at the other end of the line insisted that I was phoning the police station. While I insisted that it was they who were phoning me. Immediately after hanging up, I received another call, again from a private number that connected me to a man who said that I was phoning him. Again I tried to explain that this was not the case, as he was phoning me. This man stated that he had nothing to hide and even gave me his phone number because I could not read it as the number was blocked. After ending this phone call, I received yet another call putting me in contact with a woman. The woman, who sounded foreign, insisted that I was phoning her and started yelling down the phone.

I took the bull by the horns and phoned Go as it is my service provider. I found a man, who was of great assistance and told me how to put an end to such nuisances. He also explained how these phone calls were being made!

What Manuel Delia should have done is to contact his service provider, as I did, and ask for assistance to have this nuisance stopped.

Nevertheless, judging from Manuel Delia’s discourse, I too should be seeking to leave Malta, and perhaps I should go to the American Embassy and ask for protection because Malta is an unsafe place. 

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