The Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police defend Jason Azzopardi

As announced on this site, Judge Giovanni Grixti filed a report with the police against Jason Azzopardi regarding the latter’s post concerning the purchase of a boat from the Fenech family many years back. Azzopardi wrote this post while Judge Grixti was deliberating whether to grant bail to Yorgen Fenech or not.

Last Friday, we read in Malta Today that the Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Attorney General decided that there are no grounds for the police to proceed against Azzopardi because according to them there is no criminal activity involved.

One truly cannot comprehend how the Office of the Attorney General operates these days.

When I had written an article concerning the Deputy Attorney General Philip Galea Farrugia which contained nothing but the truth, this same Deputy Attorney General told Magistrate Rachel Montebello that I was terrified of him! He even went so far as to quote the law which, according to him, I was breaking and he requested the protection of the court. It is obvious that the Office of the Attorney General interprets and uses the law according to its whims and for its own ends. Once Philip Galea Farrugia took offence because I mentioned that he was a good friend of Jason Azzopardi. Galea Farrugia then wrote a comment on Facebook accusing me of being an ‘arch liar’ and Joe Ellis even went so far as to back Galea Farrugia.

Be that as it may, it is blatantly obvious now – following this latest decision taken by the Police Commissioner and the Office of the Attorney General – that not only are they in cahoots but they are as thick as sin to defend Jason Azzopardi at any cost. Yet the Ministries responsible for both these two Government entities remain silent!

However, when we had the case of alleged bribery of a journalist, without even a report being filed, the Commissioner of Police took action and prosecuted. But in this instance, the persons allegedly involved were the nephew of Guido DeMarco and the son of a former Labour Parliamentary Secretary. Yet, take a look when a Judge filed a criminal report against Jason Azzopardi – and let’s be rational – I am sure that the Judge knows what he is about, both the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General went to the defence of Jason Azzopardi.

Furthermore, the office of the Attorney General then tries to persuade us that there was no tampering in the selection process of Madame Judge Edwina Grima and that there was no attempt against the two lawyers of Yorgen Fenech to neutralize and intimidate his defence team. Yorgen Fenech’s case stinks from beginning to end.

One must not forget that in this case, Jason Azzopardi is not only a politician but a lawyer and thus, had he any reservations concerning the judge in question Azzopardi could have resorted to the law and requested the judge to recuse himself in this case instead of going on Facebook and pass the comment he made against the Judge.

In this case against Jason Azzopardi, the Office of the Attorney General did not permit the Court to decide but took it upon himself to decide that no crime had been committed. Usually, in similar cases, the Attorney General writes on the file ‘let the court decide”, This time round, this was not done. I wonder why?

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