A message in support of one of the wardens who is to be charged with the involuntary murder of Kim Borg

After publishing my article yesterday in support of one of the prison wardens who will be charged in court with the involuntary murder of Kim Borg, I received the following message in her support which I am publishing in full:

“Annabelle is an exemplary officer and is liked by one and all… Naturally, her political allegiance is of no relevance since as you said, there are officers who have mixed political beliefs. Annabelle did a brilliant job when she was entrusted with the task to renovate and update the forensic section at MCH. For years, it was left in a despicable state… It was like a scene from Midnight Express… She did wonders there and she rightfully earned the promotion she was given some time later. I can easily tell you that yes… Prior to Alex Dalli’s arrival, CCF was run by a local group of privileged inmates… Alex changed all that… and now those who have lost millions from drug trafficking are doing their best to put him in a bad light so that he is made to resign.”

Clearly, this is all a media orchestrated ploy done simply because millions have been lost from drug trafficking in prison. The sad aspect about this story is that the media of the Catholic Church in Malta is supporting this campaign again the person who spearheaded these reforms in the Maltese prisons. Those who are pushing for the resignation of the current director are doing so only to make the prison again a haven for drug trafficking.

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