A Maltese man blames Covid19 vaccine for the death of his mother

Blog post by Marica Micallef

In a post thanking all those who attended the funeral of his beloved mother, a Maltese man disclosed his anguish while blaming the Covid-19 vaccine for the death of his mother. For the benefit of foreign readers, I am translating the post, adding extra remarks from my end in brackets:

“I would like to thank all those who attended my mother’s funeral and those who found the time to send us a message.

My mother became a victim of all the current, ongoing propaganda. About three weeks after taking the second one [dose], we started experiencing problems. Her legs became swollen, she had a never-ending cough, besides other issues, so much so that we had to take her to hospital because matters were worsening. In total, she spent two months a week in hospital, with one month and a half in ITU. She ended up with a big infection in the lungs. The doctors tried everything to save her and gave her all sort of stuff but nothing was helping her, so much so that instead of healing itself, her body started destroying itself. When finally we started seeing a ray of light, she started suffering from another infection and from then on, her health aggravated. Doctors told us that she had a rare disease – exactly after taking it [the Covid19 vaccine], this rare disease emerged! I want you all to know what happened to my mum and what is happening to others. Many people are ending up in there [hospital] with health problems because of what their body was given [injected with the Covid19 vaccine]. There are those who so far have made it and those who have perished but they are not speaking up.

I would like to thank you from my heart and I would like to tell you to open your eyes as to what is truly going on.”

In Maltese, the post was as following:

While sending this man and his family my sincere condolences, a comment to his post which caught my eye was the following:

In English it reads: “Those who are suffering from consequences after taking it [the Covid19 vaccine], is being sent to St. James [hospital] so that no clarifications are given from hospital [Mater Dei]. And they even sign papers to give permission for more tests to be done upon them and to be exempted from taking any other vaccine.”

In Maltese it was as following:

It seems like a lot is going on behind the scenes. It seems like all those like me who were already sceptic of anything that has been going since the start of Covid19, including the vaccine, and who were labelled crazy, conspiracy theorists, science sceptics, stupid non-professionals, amateurs, “How dare you to disagree with and disobey the government!” and so forth, were right.

The covid19 vaccine is causing harm and deaths. Shame on the silence of the media, the authorities and the governments [even those worldwide]. When the ride we are going through comes to an end and we shift to a world of higher vibration and consciousness made of love, acceptance, humility, solidarity, compassion, abundance and prosperity, we who will end up on this other side can look back and humbly say “We spoke up for you. We warned you. We are sorry. We love you”.

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