Yorgen Fenech’s defence team end up doing Jason Azzopardi’s job and probe Arnaud about the presumed involvement of Keith Schembri in Daphne’s murder

On Friday, 17 September the court in Malta continued hearing the case instigated by Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers so that their client is granted bail. Charles Mercieca ended up asking Arnaud a number of valid questions that should have been asked by Jason Azzopardi who up to today has failed to do his job.  These queries concern Keith Schembri. For this reason, I am reproducing what the Times of Malta carried regarding this point, i.e. the lack of action by the police against Keith Schembri. This came out in Court during the cross-examination of Keith Arnaud by Charles Mercieca. The relevant part is carried hereunder:

It remains a mystery as to why Jason Azzopardi has opted to never ask questions regarding Keith Schembri or put any pressure on the police concerning Keith Schembri’s arraigned in court. Whenever Jason Azzopardi had the opportunity to cross-examine this key witness, he never did so. Nor for that matter did he ever probe Keith Schembri’s involvement, real or presumed, in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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