Why non-vaccinated persons are not being allowed to visit their relatives in care homes?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The following is a post by a Maltese citizen expressing what is really happening in some of our local elderly homes. This is a reality which neither the media nor the Ministry of Health thinks it necessary to inform the public about.

The post states:

To add to the story above, I also know of another elderly home where not all vaccinated family members are allowed to visit. Only the next of kin is. I know of a particular case of an elderly lady who has only one daughter and only this daughter was given permission to visit her mother [as long as she is vaccinated]. Not even the grandchildren or her son-in-law can. Why? Why is the segregation and isolation of the elderly continuing?

Why is it that not all care homes have the same applicable “protocols” or “rules”? Why is it that in the pre-vaccine rollout, everyone could visit the elderly behind a perspex, but now, those who have opted not to take the vaccine, cannot visit behind a perspex, at least?

When it comes to visiting the elderly in care homes, didn’t the local Health Authorities promise the public that once we have the vaccine roll-out, the visiting hours to visit the elderly in care homes will resume as normal, as per pre-pandemic? So why haven’t things return to normal in elderly homes?

With Profs Gauci even stating that “the vaccine drive among elderly residents in care homes has resulted in a significant drop in cases in these institutions”[1], back in February, can the same health authorities explain how come we are having homes just like the one in Attard mentioned in the post, in a lockdown and with a rise in infections? Didn’t the ECDC chart, which I quoted in a blog, show that all the elderly were vaccinated? So how come in this particular home in Attard, infections are on the rise when the post even affirms that the care workers were vaccinated too?

Quoting the above post, considering that the home went into a lockdown, that infected people were kept home [leaving us with the elderly and non-infected workers]  and that the relatives are being kept devoid of any information, could the conclusion be that the vaccines are causing incurable symptoms and illnesses in the elderly – a truth which the elderly home in question and the health authorities are hiding from the relatives- so that the rolling out and administration of the third booster can keep on going and that no alarm is raised about the vaccines?


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