Kenneth Rijock objects to my heading covering his article

Kenneth Rijock wrote an article on 15th September 2021 attacking me for reproducing his article to which I added my title which read “Kenneth Rijock shares my position that Yorgen Fenech is being Framed”. In reply, Kenneth Rijock wrote an article entitled “Simon Mercieca, don’t put words in my mouth”.

He accuses me of misquoting him because all I did was to reproduce his article in toto adding only the title in question. I beg to differ. His article does not contain a single question. What Rijock did was to contact Dr. Charles Mercieca, one of Yorgen Fenech’s defence lawyers asking him for his comments. As was to be expected, Dr. Charles Mercieca was very correct and ethical and only replied to one point.

Rijock then used the rest of the article to drag in all the alleged potential money launderers presumably connected to the Caruana Galizia’s murder case. Strange to say though, he failed completely to mention the chief money launderer who is Melvin Theuma in this whole affair.

As for Rijock’s objection to the use of the frame-up in my title, I must draw the readers’ attention to the fact that it is Rijock himself, who in his article more than once uses the word frame-up. All I did was to reproduce Rijock’s full article, adding only my one title cum comment. I leave it up to the readers to decide whether or not, I have made the correct reading of his article.

What I find bizarre is Rijock’s statement that in the article in question he did not reach any conclusion. Therefore, why did he write such an article that contained not a single question? Regarding Rijock’s comment wherein he states that my “reputation for objective leaves a lot to be desired”, I will leave that up to the readers.

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