Who gave Manuel Delia the information regarding NOVOMATIC?

Manuel was glad that Novomatic temporarily ceased giving a service to the Tumas Group and its casinos at Portomaso and the Oracle. According to Delia this happened because Yorgen Fenech said “we’d better hit a jackpot” in one of his chats with an employee of the Tumas Group. We have been given this last piece of information by Manuel Delia who said that someone within the Tumas Group passed it on to him. Delia even quoted from a letter that, according to him, was sent to the Tumas Group.

What is interesting in this is that the Church’s Newsbook got involved giving us two further snippets. The first is that Ray Fenech,  as Chairman of the company, did not deny that Novomatic stopped rendering its services – the word Manuel Delia uses is  “paused” doing business with the Tumas Group.

The second and most important bit is that Jurgen Balzan quoted Novomatic saying that it does divulge its agreement details with third parties.

This signifies that since Novomatic does not divulge its operating details then it follows that the info divulged by the media did not come from Novomatic. Hence, wherefrom did Manuel Manuel Delia obtain his information? Since Novomatic has certain policies in place, the detail must have been obtained from some insider within the Tumas Group or somebody from Novomatic who would have betrayed the company’s policy and passed the info on to Manuel Delia.

It is to be noted here that not only did Manuel Delia obtain this info but he even went so far as to quote from Novomatic’s letter sent to Tumas Gaming Ltd. This type of information is usually restricted to a few select individuals.

Therefore, either an employee or somebody from Novomatic or some company director passed on this information to Manuel Delia. This is the most disquieting point.  In brief, there must be somebody, within either the Tumas Group or Novomatic, who has a reason for passing on such information to Manuel Delia. Information that could harm employees of the Tumas Group, particularly those working for the Casinos. Whoever it may be, is undoubtedly pleased with himself to have passed on this info when he knows that should the large company sever its services altogether there would be a possibility that he would be risking his job together with others in his position.

Is it possible that Manuel Delia truly believes that we would fall for his ploys? Does he honestly believe that we are all gullible?  This is not the first time that – with his style of writing – Delia reveals more than he intends to. This leads to more questions being raised concerning the current situation.

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