The Church Media continues with its fake news.

Today, the media of the Catholic Church in Malta published an article, penned by Monique Agius wherein was stated that Malta Today has revealed that the Prison Administration had given a letter to Cardinal Mario Grech in December 2020 to be presented to the Pope. In this letter, the Prison Administration invited the Pope to visit the prison during his pastoral visit to Malta.

In truth, it was this site that broke the news correctly on 10th Sept.2021. As always, in the frenzy that exists in the established media to try to discredit me, they checked with the prison authorities and found that it was not fake news.

This time round, the Church Media did not have the guts to report facts as they are and state that this story came to light in a report on the site

Instead, it was happy to state that this news came to light thanks to Malta Today. Talk of credibility. Indeed, what a farce. However, this sort of news shows the alliance that exists between Newsbook and Malta Today. And such an alliance speaks volumes when one considers that Malta Today is pushing the abortion agenda, while the Church Media House – with the full blessing of the Bishops in Malta – is clearly in cahoots with Malta Today.

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