The Archbishops’ media comes out to defend Manuel Delia’s Fake News

The day before yesterday, Manuel Delia posted an article following the one I had written, wherein I had declared that it is not possible for Yorgen Fenech to have meddled with the gaming slot machines. My article was written in reply to the first article by Manuel Delia.

Meanwhile, the Tumas Group issued a press release because it disagreed with a sentence that was written by me wherein I stated that “In truth, the Oracle Casino – the one owned by Fenech – is operated by the Austrian Company Novamatic”.  

This prompted Jurgen Balzan, a journalist with the Archbishops’ Media Centre, to write an article about this story, aimed simply at attacking my academic credentials because he cannot attack my reputation. In his article, Balzan wrote:

As Newsbook also publishes its material in Maltese, this news item was repeated in more detail by Ms. Francalanza. What Francalanza wrote in Maltese, I am giving the English version:

A press release this afternoon, signed by the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Tumas Group, Ray Fenech, who is Yorgen Fenech’s uncle reads that with the right of reply the Tumas Group that incorporates Tumas Gaming Ltd replies to Simon Mercieca’s report and declares that the two casinos it owns are managed by Tumas Gaming Ltd and Novomatic is not involved in its management. Mercieca two days ago wrote that Oracle Casino was operated by Novomatic”.

It should be pointed out that the verb ‘operated’ carries the following meanings: work, run, set off, use, utilize, employ, handle, manage, control, wheeled, ply, steer, drive, guide, and pilot. I will not delve here into the fact that this sentence was taken out of context by Ray Fenech because, in my article, I was not concentrating on management but on the programming and technicality of slot machines.

Incidentally, Ray Fenech did not deny what I stated regarding RNG and that Novamatic is/have been involved in this process. In any case, some organization must be involved in the programming of the machines and this could never be anyone working within The Tumas Gaming Ltd.

In fact, while Jurgen Balzan states that “Tumas Group denies claims by blogger Simon Mercieca”, in the same breath and a little earlier, the same Church’s Media said that the Tumas Group did not deny what Manuel Delia had written that Novomatic had severed their services with the Tumas Group. And I quote in English:

Could these learned journalists of the Church Media House explain how a company can severe its ties with Tumas Casinos in Malta when it is not involved in any way with the company’s operations and services?

I am commenting on this point to highlight the hidden agenda of the Church Media against individuals when at the same time, we have the Maltese bishops preaching on truth. The truth is that the Maltese bishops are in league with Manuel Delia and make it a point of defending his lies.

At least, this article and press release go to show that there is no contact whatsoever between the Tumas Group and myself, as Manuel Delia alleges. This continues to show that fake news is being spread indiscriminately.

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