Yesterday morning Jason Azzopardi and Newsbook revealed details about the court case regarding John Dalli before the case has even begun

Yesterday morning, Jason Azzopardi posted an article on his Facebook page wherein he declared that the police are going to arraign John Dalli. I should like to ask how did he get to know this since he does not form part of the court case? How is it that court cases concerning individuals, whoever they may be, are ending up in the hands of the media and/or this particular lawyer?  

Yet, the Minister responsible remains silent. On this point, Edward Zammit Lewis truly should resign if he does not take any measures and starts doing his job.

Clause 518 clearly states who has the right to have access to court case documents. Employees working in the court registry can end up facing serious problems because of their contact with third parties whoever they may be.  

Therefore, Jason Azzopardi has to disclose his source. No lawyer has the right to talk to court employees about court cases in which he [the lawyer] is not involved. Even less right has he to unearth or discover other cases which are going to begin or have begun and he does not form part of them

I do not believe that in the case against John Dalli, Jason Azzopardi is part of the defence team nor do I believe that he is going to be parte civile in this case. Hence, how did he get to know about it? Therefore, I am correct in stating that he should have no right to access the details concerning this case. From where did this information on Newsbook come which by sheer coincidence was posted two hours later after Jason Azzopardi uploaded his post? Newsbook explained that they got the information from Jason Azzopardi’s post but added an important detail that is not in Azzopardi’s post.   

On his Facebook page, Jason Azzopardi does not disclose the name of the magistrate who is going to preside over the case. But the archbishops’ media page knew who it was, revealing it to be Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo. I bet that Caroline Farrugia Frendo got to know that she is going to be the magistrate involved in this case from the newspapers. How did Newsbook obtain this detail?

Furthermore, Newsbook writes that Jason Azzopardi disclosed this court case. By using the word ‘reveal’, Newsbook is implying that it was being kept under wraps. And that this information was not obtained from John Dalli.

Therefore, wherefrom did Jason Azzopardi obtain this information if not from the law courts?

Where are those who protest and demand the Rule of Law on this matter?

Since Azzopardi is also a politician, his interest in such a court case is to use it for his political ends. I just hope that this case does not end up like that of Giovanna Debono’s husband where the Police did not do their job properly and were even admonished by the Court.  

What I can envisage is that some of the court employees are being caught between two stools. They do not wish to cross swords with some politicians – cum – lawyers in order not to fall victim to certain media attacks. They do not want any problems at the agency that employs them or be exposed to criminal charges as a result of any disclosure of information.  

I do not doubt that the judiciary is fully aware of the goings-on and would have much to say but I believe that there are those amongst them who fear and do not want to stir still waters in order not to end up like Judge Giovanni Grixti who was dragged through the mire and slandered by those breaking Clause 93 of the Criminal Code.

I do believe that Minister Zammit Lewis as Minister of Justice has to demand an inquiry to establish once and for all how this information is being leaked.

Jason’s text translated

You are aware that I have always spoken in Parliament and openly written about the most essential and important decisions that Joseph Muscat took as soon as he became Prime Minister: that of removing John Rizzo as Commissioner of Police. Why? 

Because with John Rizzo still at his post, there would have been no Panama. No VGH, nor would there has been bribery through the sale of passports, nor Electrogas, nor would Transport Malta be bribed nor would they have gained with the direct orders nor would there be the impunity that killed Daphne. John Rizzo was known to be honest, a man of steel, of absolute integrity, and did not look at anyone in the face.

And therefore they wanted to replace him with a puppet. This was part of the agreed roadmap before March 2013. In fact, you will recall Mr. Rizzo testifying in the Public Inquiry as to how Keith Schembri had told him to ask for anything he wanted as long as he did not remain Commissioner. And John Rizzo refused. He was no sell-out.

Don’t forget, now: In December 2012 and January 2013, a memo was written by Angelo Gafa, Joe Cachia and Michael Cassar to John Rizzo outlining why JOHN DALLI had to be arraigned on alleged fraud of over 60 million euro. And you all know what happened. The first decision taken by the new Commissioner, Joseph Muscat’s puppet, was to invite John Dalli for coffee (pretending to interrogate him), after regaining his strength precisely after the general elections were over and he came back. And the new Commissioner decided that there was no case against John Dalli.

And Dalli became Muscat’s consultant on many, many things. Let’s mentions it: a few days ago, the Police instituted a criminal case against John Dalli on this case of alleged fraud of 60 million euro, which is going to be heard before a magistrate next week.

Because we now want to be taken off the grey list, by pulling out of the drawer those cases that Muscat had ordered to be put aside.

The purpose of this article is; now the case will take its course and we hope that justice according to law will prevail, I am not going to comment about this. But yes, I am OBLIGED to comment about how this case goes to demonstrate how CRIMINAL Joseph Muscat and his cronies were to break John Rizzo simply because he had hampered their agreed thieving.

Yes, Joseph Muscat and Peter Paul Zammit must account for abusing their position by stopping the law from being executed (which is a criminal act punishable by 3 years in prison) against John Dalli in March and April 2013. On this, I am not going to shut up. Had John Rizzo remained at his post Malta would have had the Rule of Law. They would not have made us blush with the corruption up at Castille and we would not have been greylisted. You have a lot to answer for you hardened dirty lot.

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