How is it that old people are dying of Covid when all our senior citizens have been vaccinated?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Back in July, both Times of Malta[1] and Lovin Malta[2] have blessed us with the information that all those aged 60 and above have been vaccinated. They both quoted the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).  This is also shown in the table below, which shows that Malta had a 100% vaccination rate in all those aged 60 and over.

The local Health Authorities had also promised the public that the Covid-19 vaccine, once taken, will protect the individual from getting severe side-effects of the virus and will prevent hospitalisation, although the individual can still catch the virus. So, one would expect that we do not get news of patients passing away in hospital due to covid-19, right?

However, this is not the case. On August 16th, Times of Malta, the Independent, and Lovin Malta told us that 43 Covid patients are in hospital whereas, one elderly lady, aged 86, has died.

Times of Malta reported that “the health authorities reported that an 86-year-old woman died after being diagnosed with the virus”[3]. This news was repeated by the Independent in the statement “Health authorities said in their daily update that an 86-year-old woman had passed away while positive for Covid-19 – meaning that she has become the 431st person to succumb to the virus in Malta.”[4]

Lovin Malta told us that “An 86-year-old woman in Malta has passed away after contracting COVID-19 while 80 more people recover.”[5]

On the 19th of August, Newsbook[6], Times of Malta[7], and Malta Today[8] reported that two patients have died with Covid-19, one aged 96 and one aged 79. Quoting from Newsbook – “The health authorities reported 86 new cases of Covid-19 in their latest daily bulletin, with two new deaths, a 96-year-old female and a 79-year-old male reported overnight.”[9]

On 28th August, we read in the Times of Malta, Lovin Malta, and The Independent that Malta has recorded another Covid positive death, that of an 85-year-old lady[10][11][12].

While I send my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives in the above-mentioned articles, the question that arises is: considering that the chart shows that 100% of the elderly population took the vaccine, with Profs Gauci even stating that “the vaccine drive among elderly residents in care homes has resulted in a significant drop in cases in these institutions”[13], back in February, can the same health authorities explain how come we are witnessing elderly people losing their lives in hospital with Covid-19? Before, both the media and the same authorities used to add that those perishing had underlying conditions. This statement is now missing with only Covid-19 is being blamed. The media and the health authorities are also abstaining from informing the public whether those perishing (and those others who are being hospitalised) were vaccinated. However, from the chart of the ECDC, we now know that they are vaccinated, right?

So, can the Times of Malta explain how come their article dated August 14th states that “Figures show the effectiveness of vaccines ‘indisputable’”[14] –when their other articles show otherwise and the contrary? Once vaccinated, there should be no deaths related to covid-19, right? So, is the effectiveness of vaccines disputable? Times of Malta also added that “vaccinated people account for just 25% of new cases”. Don’t these deaths show that vaccinated people account for 100% of ALL cases?

For how long will the media and the local health authorities drag this scaremongering and lie? 















2 thoughts on “How is it that old people are dying of Covid when all our senior citizens have been vaccinated?

  1. I regret to note that, Ms. Micallef is succumbing to c0nspiracy theories. She asks:
    “Once vaccinated, there should be no deaths related to covid-19, right?”
    There are always exceptions, especially among us — the near 90s — most of whom have underlying issues which no medicine can overcome.
    There is neither scaremongering, nor lies. There is the sad reality that medicine does not have all the answers — there is no cure for old age!

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