The mainstream media downplays the role of Fabio Axisa in the saga of the Pilatus Bank

A letter from a reader.

Yesterday, Pilatus Bank and the head of its Compliance and Legal Department have been charged with money laundering. PWC was appointed as the competent firm for the bank by MFSA and the former was represented by Fabio Axisa. It was interesting to note how the mainstream media avoided putting him in the limelight and avoided as much as possible mentioning his name and the name of the company he works for. Axisa is the same person who went on NET TV and started pointing his finger at other accountants who had been previously charged. Back then, Axisa did not believe in the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. 

To top it all, a few hours later, in the Times of Malta, I read an article ‘Malta facing phenomenal shortage of accountants’, and guess what, there he was, Fabio Axisa, the same person who was in court earlier pleading not guilty. For me, this was a pathetic exercise to try and confuse readers. It seems that PWC and Fabio Axisa belong to the first tier, as their presence in court is being downplayed deliberately.

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