When Caruana Galizia’s lawyer, Jason Azzopardi, described a journalist as an amoeba and a mentally sick person

This is a Facebook post by lawyer Jason Azzopardi, wherein he called Blanche Gatt, a Shift News journalist, an amoeba. Amoeba is a one-cell organism. Moreover, he called Gatt a liar. Jason Azzopardi posted this message on 7 December 2020 but none of our mainstream journalists, nor the Institute of Maltese Journalists thought that this was not on.

Nor was this the only comment that Jason Azzopardi wrote about Blanche Gatt. He also implied that she is insane and told her to seek medical help.

And the Institute of Journalists did not issue one statement or said that this is an attack on journalists or on free speech! It goes to show that the Institute of Maltese Journalists is a clan.

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