Peter Caruana Galizia lies again

The Caruana Galizia family will go down in history as a family of compulsive liars. Yesterday, Peter wrote a long letter to the editor of the Times of Malta stating that he is making an exception in replying to what Roger Mifsud wrote in a letter, sent to the same newspaper, entitled The blame is at their door. In brief, Mr. Mifsud criticizes Peter Caruana Galizia’s choice of lawyer. In truth, the Caruana Galizias have engaged two lawyers to represent them in court, but only Jason Azzopardi, is the subject of heavy criticism. Peter Caruana Galizia decided to defend Jason Azzopardi, describing him ‘a firebrand’.

Personally, I have no intention of querying why the family wants to hang on to the services of this lawyer. It is not my business. But, I am certain that the true reason will come out in court eventually. Nonetheless, what I would like to comment on is the statement made by Peter Caruana Galizia that neither he nor his sons normally reply because they are “targeted incessantly”. This is another untruth. The family does reply and can do so quite ruthlessly.  

While there have been instances when Matthew Caruana Galizia replied to my blogs and when Daphne’s sister Corinne Vella even sent threatening messages, I do not wish to discuss them here. 

What I do wish to do here is to remind Dr Peter Caruana Galizia and his sons – who appear to have a short memory –  that when I started analysing Yorgen Fenech’s case, the family engaged Jason Azzopardi to falsely accuse me. They even had the audacity to declare that I had divulged information on which there was a court ban – and that my action –“verosimilment – very likely indicates that I am part of a mafia clan”.  Magistrate Rachel Montebello accepted their fabrications and placed me under contempt of court.

When the next hearing will be called up, I shall be presenting evidence to show that I was never responsible for rendering public the contents of this banned material.

2 thoughts on “Peter Caruana Galizia lies again

  1. il Malti jghid li min ghid wisq ftit fih risq, barra li l giddieb ghomru qasir j Alla il verita tohrog dejjem u kullhadd jiehu dak li haqqu. ghax bhal ma jghidu min xarrbu kielu l bakkaljaw. il lejl it tajjeb.

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