Shift journalist Blanche Gatt accuses Karen Zerafa Boffa of spreading fake news about her.

Blanche Gatt accused Karen Zerafa Boffa  – one of Repubblika’s activists and supporter of Occupy Justice – of spreading fake news about her. The reason why Karen Zerafa Boffa started spreading fake news about Gatt is that the former was upset that the latter was questioning and criticizing Jason Azzopardi about the freebies he received from the Tumas Group. The last gift from the Tumas Group was during the 2017 election campaign when Ray Fenech gave him a free stay at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Karen Zerafa Boffa’s reaction was to post that Blanche Gatt was/is on Yorgen Fenech’s payroll. Here is what she wrote:  

In order to try to smother me and my legitimate hose being paid by Caruana Galizia’s accused murderer Yorgen Fenech to discredit Azzopardi and, wait for it, help to get him killed.

Zerafa Boffa also tried to link me to Blanche Gatt. But I have never communicated or met this lady in my life. I have read her articles, which I find extremely interesting, balanced, and informative.  Yet Zerafa Boffa has decided that there is some sort of link between us because we both are criticizing her or Jason Azzopardi. In Zerafa Boffa’s opinion, whoever criticises Jason Azzopardi for his persistent lies must be paid by Yorgen Fenech.  He is now held responsible for everything and anything that has gone wrong in the past and even in the present. What a lark. More important at this stage is the startling bit of news in Zerafa Boffa’s communication on Facebook where she admits that she was one of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s trolls, writing under a pseudonym. Alleluia. At least one of Daphne’s trolls has finally come clean!

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