Archbishop Scicluna’s chancellor together with the Church media must get a kick from spreading lies

The local Church’s news portal reported that during a sermon given by the Auxiliary Bishop of Malta, Joseph Galea-Curmi, he condemned the use of technology to spread fake news. This is an extremely interesting comment when one observes that, at present, the two major sources spreading fake news in Malta are: (i) the Church’s Media Centre and (ii) Archbishop Scicluna’s Ecclesiastical Tribunal.

In recent days, Malta has been hit by an avalanche of fake news. The Rev Dr Joe Borg, the Registered Editor of the Media Centre of the Church, is –  on record – to have stated that at the moment in Malta there are two devils; the big devil with money and the small devil with his pen at the service of the big devil.  These two devils were used as analogies for Yorgen Fenech and the undersigned. The Rev Dr has no qualms of conscience to imply that the fake news has been orchestrated by me and paid for by Fenech.   

It’s a fact that the Rev Dr Borg was joined by Manuel Delia and Jason Azzopardi, who decided that I am the person who has been writing these spoof articles. Being all cowards, they did not state my name. They simply implied that this was done by a university “professor” at the University of Malta who has a blog. Incidentally, they forget that both i.e. the Rev Dr Joe Borg and Dr Jason Azzopardi both lecture at uni!

Alessandra Dee Crespo, the Archbishop’s chancellor joined the melee by confirming this fat lie that I am the person writing these spoof articles. She even found the support of a Mgr Joseph Bajada attached to the Cathedral of Malta, and a Judge on the Tribunal of the Church with whom incidentally Ms Dee Crespo went on a spiritual retreat in Gozo creating quite a stir there. This Mgr Bajada expressed his support for Ms Dee Crespo by writing that the lies Manuel Delia was writing about me are God’s Biblical truth! I am curious to discover which cult does he actually belong.

To the great dismay of true believers in Christianity, the Catholic Church in Malta, under the guidance of Archbishop Charles Scicluna with the assistance from the Church Tribunal has transformed the Church Media Centre into a wholly unchristian centre with no ethos turning it into the Centre into a company that specializes in manufacturing and spewing lies. Despite every attempt to portray himself as a pillar of truth and correctness, all Archbishop Scicluna is doing is to turn Malta’s Catholic Church into a source of lies and all this in the name of God and Jesus Christ!

The Rev Dr Joe Borg in his Opinion article in the Sunday Times of concluded his piece with the following sentence  

President Vella owes all this to himself but, more so, to those of us who still believe he could and should have an important role to play in the process of national healing. 

If Fr Borg is sincere and believes that national healing needs rescuing, then he ought to be the first to lead by example. It is obvious though that the Rev Dr Joe Borg has no time even to listen to and follow the Pope’s guidelines when in his most recent sermon on Sunday, Pope Francis invited the faithful to look inwards and examine ourselves first and foremost before hitting out at others.  

The proof is in Rev Dr. Joe Borg’s opinion piece which he wrote today in Maltese, in reply to my article that appeared on my site, where reference was made to the gentleman.  He challenges those who are not in his group. His wording phraseology, to say the least, is far from befitting a priest and dishonours Malta’s once-respected Catholic institution.

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