Someone is trying to frame me: I am the real victim of these spoofs

Today, I received a message from Ms. Jessica Arena from the Times of Malta asking me about the story of the News website. She told me that a post of my blog was linked to my website and in turn, was linked to a WhatsApp channel.

From my end,  I had no comments to make and could not understand what Ms. Arena was referring to exactly in her message. Thus, I told her that I know nothing about this link. I replied that to my knowledge I am not a member of any WhatsApp group that (if I understood her correctly) was sharing information regarding spoof news, which is linked to my website.

I then received a link to a story by Tim Diacono who has written about me wherein he states that Manuel Delia received a lot of messages telling him to stop criticizing me. Moreover, he states that a WhatsApp group was created in the United States and somehow, Tim Diacono implied that I am linked to this WhatsApp group. He states that the links to the other websites were all put down but only the link to my website remained. Very odd because I do not belong to a WhatsApp group created in the  United States or any other WhatsApp group created in relation to these spoof websites.

I normally criticize The Times of Malta but this time round, I would like to thank Ms. Arena who sought my opinion on the matter. On the contrary, Tim Diacono is only interested to tarnish my reputation and regurgitate a story by Manuel Delia about me, without even seeking my opinion on the matter.

What  I do know is that after Ms. Arena told me about this situation, I filed a report with the Cyber Crime Unit. I have faith in our police force and I hope that the CCU will be able to find out who is behind this WhatsApp group created in the United States if it is true what Tim Diacono is saying and can give us proof.

For me, this is a clear attempt of trying to frame me. To be precise this is a second attempt.  

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