The hypocrisy of the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) has no limits

On Friday, I was the subject of a coordinated attack by the group Occupy Justice, and the Institute of Maltese Journalists who think I am involved in the spoof emails that are being sent in the name of Manuel Delia, a local blogger.

On one hand, there is Manuel Delia declaring in his blogs that I can barely write in English. There is another anonymous blogger, who has a Twitter account by the name of BugM, who stated that I am computer illiterate and then, all of a sudden, I became the most prolific writer in English and an IT expert capable of creating false emails and the like to make it appear that Manuel Delia has written them.  All this, according to Occupy Justice, is the result of the money that I am receiving from occult sources.  

Hereunder is the message that Occupy Justice put up on their website yesterday. This message was put up practically concurrently with a statement that was issued by the Institute of Maltese Journalists, aimed at attacking my reputation. By the by, Leader of the Opposition also issued a message on Facebook on this matter!

Of interest is that the President of the Institute of Maltese Journalists happens to be none other than the journalist Matthew Xuereb; the same person about whom I wrote an article where I produced evidence showing that there is someone, whose email address is and that this email address is linked to another email address connected to the Times of Malta’s domain and is the following: Hidden behind this email address was a fake profile by the name of Marika Galea, who was sending messages, including one auguring people to die of cancer. 

The curious point is that a blogger by the name of Manuel Delia becomes a reputable journalist, even if he lies through his teeth and twists facts to his volition, yet another blogger called Simon Mercieca is not considered a journalist because he states facts as they are in Malta. To be considered a journalist, one needs to belong to a specific sect; and one I have no intention of joining.

But the beauty of this story is that the Institute of Journalists is now feeling offended that a person or persons who, according to Occupy Justice, are well paid, have created a blog, which is very similar to the blog of Manuel Delia, and this has been deemed an attack on journalism. Occupy Justice’s mantra was picked up by the Institute of Maltese Journalists.  

Nonetheless. when someone, who appears to have formed part of the group-cum- NGO Repubblika writes a fake letter and makes it seem not only that it was written by Minister Edward Zammit Lewis but it was distributed to all the constituents on the electoral district of Zammit Lewis. In this case, the Institute of Maltese Journalists does not even bat an eyelid nor, for that matter does Occupy Justice. By their silence, however, not only are they showing that they condone this action but they also reveal their complete amorality.

According to this institution falsifying a letter in the name of a minister, or in the name of anyone else for that matter, is to be admired and not condemned. No shouting or demonstrations or blogging that this is an attack on a minister or politician is to be condemned. No siree!  

Manuel Delia is the Executive Officer of Repubblika for whom this type of behaviour is deemed politically correct. But if somebody or a group of individuals do the same thing to Repubblika’s Executive Officer, then that same action becomes inconceivably wrong even for the Institute of Journalists, Occupy Justice and the Leader of the Opposition who all cry out foul play.

While I do not agree with these tactics, I also do not agree with the fake letter that was used to politically harm Zammit Lewis nor do I agree with the creation of a fake website or spoof emails in the name of Manuel Delia. There is also one other point on which I totally disagree and that is the creation of fake profiles on Facebook which are connected to the domain of The Times of Malta and to a particular email address by the name of

Till today, I am still expecting to receive an explanation as to how a person who had a fake Facebook profile, where he/she augured one particular individual to die of cancer, and this fake Facebook profile, which had this email address,, was linked to the domain of the Times of Malta!

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