Is Beppe Galea breaking EU Regulations?

In the past few days, I published a series of articles about the campaign team that has been formed within the PN. I also revealed that this is being led by Christian Peregin and is formed by Lianna Cremona, Neil Smart Constantino, Matt Chetcuti and Beppe Galea. This news was not denied by the PN. I have also asked whether Lianna Cremona, Neil Smart Constantino and Matt Chetcuti are receiving a salary from the PN that ranges between 30K and 40K euros respectively according to grade. Again there was total silence to these questions. In another article, I mentioned Beppe Galea and stated that he is also on the payroll of the EU as he is employed with David Casa.

For this reason, I sent a message to Michael Piccinino, the General Secretary of the PN, asking him whether Beppe Galea was working with him or assisting him in his work. Again there was total silence. What is there to hide? And why?

The question that needs to be asked is why should Beppe Galea be working at Dar Ċentrali or with the General Secretary of the PN, when he is employed as a local assistant to the MEP David Casa?

For anybody to get a job with an MEP, he or she has to resign from all political commitments. In fact, I am told that Beppe Galea was asked to resign from the PN as social media manager. On this point, I have another question. Is it true that Beppe Galea had a clash with Alessandro Farrugia?

But still, it should be pointed out that according to EU law, it is illegal for assistants of MEPs to take part in any local party politics and for MEPs to help their home party directly or indirectly. In this case, this is an EU-paid employee about whom I am asking whether he is directly or indirectly involved in the PN campaign team. To this day, there has been no response.

I hope that with this article, I have answered Andrew Borg-Cardona’s question, who, in one of his tweets, asked what is my interest in putting up questions about the PN strategic team. As an individual who believes in the rule of law, I expect that the Nationalist Party abides and follows the laws of the land.

I hope that now I have explained to Andrew Borg Cardona why it is relevant that the PN states exactly how much it is paying to his staff. This is not only a question that a paid member, as I am, have a right to know. But it has also become a case of political transparency. In my opinion, there is even a case for OLAF to investigate.

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