What a coincidence: BugM sends a tweet minutes after mattxue2 closes his fake profile Marika Galea

A few days ago, BugM put up a post claiming that what I have posted about Matthew Xuereb was created through photoshop. This is absolute nonsense. BugM says I am not versed in computing and made an interesting point about this as follows: What you posted does not make sense. You posted from mobile but my picture was from the screen.

Despite the fact that the Facebook account of Marika Galea has since been deleted, it still can be proven that what I stated is the truth.

Nevertheless, if what I was saying is not true, why would Marika Galea have deleted her account? And why would she do so at the same time that BugM was writing his tweet? Quite a coincidence!

However, should Matthew Xuereb want to go to court, I have no problem because I can prove that the images I uploaded on my site are real and not created by photoshop. I have recorded even the process on video how this was done to show that it is not a photoshop montage.  

Meanwhile, I hope that the Police have already investigated Marika Galea’s account. In his Right of Reply Matthew Xuereb, wrote that he had written to the Police and the Cybercrime Unit. I am assuming that he did this on Saturday morning. Marika Galea’s Facebook account was still active up to Sunday practically some minutes before BugM sent his tweet.    

An investigation into who is the owner of such an account would have taken only a few minutes to establish. If the Police and Cyber Crime Unit failed, it shows that they are not serious in their investigations. Nonetheless, if they truly want to get to the person hiding behind Marika Galea, even if the account has been closed, they can still get to the bottom of this abuse through Facebook HQ. 

As BugM is alleging that this whole issue is a forgery and also, as he has made other serious allegations, including that I take cocaine, I have reported the matter to the Cybercrime unit to investigate BugM and follow it.

On my part, I will be writing about who is BugM and what he stands for in my future blogs.

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