George Fenech was a gentleman; Jason Azzopardi has all to lose in this case

I am reproducing this post by Sciby Sciberras which was posted below Patricia Fenech’s communication.

I would like to say that I had the pleasure and honor to work side by side with the late Mr. George Fenech. I use to sit with him on the same MTA board for a number of years, and I can only say good and nice things about him. It was not the first time that we would be stuck in some problem, (mostly brought about by the lack of experience from the then chairman of the same board), and George as he always insisted that he was called, use to come up with solutions to save one of the pillars of the Maltese Economy! So, yes Ms. Fenech is right in shouting out that the name of her late husband is not to be mentioned by whoever! She is right on a number of points! Why do parts of the media and the so-called ‘illuminate’ persons of the judiciary, are making it as if this family and what they represent is nothing but a plague? I am more than sure that if we truly look properly we realize that practically all had one day or another something to do with the Fenech’s’! Being a politician, some sports association, or even philanthropist, at one point you knocked at their door and they were answered! So, why now we are pretending that we never had anything to do with them? I mean, the leader of this crusade against this family himself, (Jason Azzopardi), was caught that at least on one occasion got a hefty present for himself and his mistress, so together they could go and pray on a grave! (Till now we know of once). So, why a judge could not rule freely because some years ago he bought a boat from the accused late father, while at the same time, Jason can act freely even though he was given such a present? Why this, two weights two measures, approach? Thus this brings me to the conclusion that Jason and his clique have a lot to lose in this case if it does not go their way! This is why that they have made sure that a substantial part of the so-called ‘free’ media and Court are on the same boat and following the same master!

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