Bail to Yorgen Fenech is being continually refused in the name of the local version of the ‘dark web’

From a reader.

Once again, the request for bail by Mr. Yorgen Fenech was debated in court. Once again, the same arguments were made that granting bail is not possible due to the risk of escape. This time round, the prosecution added a new reason, the purchase of weapons and poison from the ‘dark web’. The result is that once again, the bail was refused. Never mind that other people accused of grave and heinous crimes have been granted bail, for which no debate was witnessed. This is what the fight has been for – justice as ‘they’ please.

Every time that bail is requested by Mr. Yorgen Fenech there is always a rendition of the completely subjective reasons why bail cannot be granted. Online searches and objects purported to have been purchased but never arrived become the reasons why bail should not be given. Allegations are made without a shred of proof – for example, no proof of payment has been placed in court. Scenarios are described which when considered rationally appear to be absurd and impossible. We are meant to think that the accused will try to escape in a blaze of machinegun fire and hand grenades or that he will use the cyanide to rid himself of some witness or other.  In the meantime, none of this has been substantiated or corroborated by concrete evidence in court.

‘They’ have vouched not to grant Mr. Fenech bail and it will be actuated and defended by whatever it takes – even the absurd.  Past events are quoted and referred to as future scenarios – a thinly disguised effort at presenting a façade of logic against the granting of bail. What it is, however, is more like ‘We are in charge and as long as we are here, we don’t give a damn about your rights, you are not getting bail. We have collectively vouched to hate you and exact vengeance that has nothing to do with court and justice.’

There is no way that in this case any fact, any occurrence, any information that presents the possibility for interpretation or doubt will ever be interpreted without the bias of hatred towards Mr. Fenech. Those militant in the prosecution see only one outcome for this trial and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Turn the path to justice on its head if necessary.

And there is no one to keep them in check because the government or those individuals or entities who should be doing so are paralysed by bias, prejudice, hate, or fear. The ‘rule of law’ has effectively ended in this country because it is controlled by those who have enough clout in the media and in social and political spheres.  It has effectively ended as it has been hi-jacked by ‘gangs’ who at different times can muster enough collaborators who work together to push forward their agenda and ensure that the lone individual stands no chance.  Before there were laments regarding the absence of the ‘rule of law’ in dealing with the alleged corruption of the Labour government. Now those whose demands were the loudest have simply subverted that very ‘rule of law’ they had demanded for the whole country and are using it for their own vengeful purposes. In essence, we have now our very own, local version of the ‘dark web’. 

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