The Editor in Chief of the Times of Malta, Herman Grech joins Jacob Borg in breaching the Allied Newspaper’s code of ethics

On Tuesday, I wrote about the unethical tweet sent by Jacob Borg concerning my full-time employment. This type of tweet is in clear breach of the Times of Malta’s social media guidelines to its employees. In normal circumstances, Jacob Borg’s head, should have initiated disciplinary procedures. To be clear, I am not writing this to instigate any proceedings against Jacob Borg but I wish to show that the journalists of the Times of Malta, who insist on presenting themselves as the custodians of Malta’s morality, are actually being caught with their pants down.

The truth is that disciplinary proceedings should have been started by Herman Grech as chief editor. It is within the remit of chief editors to ensure that their staff does not break any codes of ethics. It is ironic that the journalists of the Times and Sunday Times pontificate on public morality and ethics and then proceed to break the rules and guidelines of their own institution. This only highlights the hypocrisy that reigns supreme at the Allied Newspapers today.

But how can a chief editor instil discipline and morality when he himself writes Facebook messages, in breach of the code of ethics this time round attacking mercilessly Dr Anna Mallia.

The Editor in Chief took offence at what lawyer Anna Mallia stated regarding his reporting about what the deputy advocate general, Galea Farrugia had to say regarding the allegation that in 2018, Yorgen Fenech had ordered cyanide, a machine gun, bullets and whatnot. Mallia pointed out that the editor should have informed his readers that no evidence was produced to sustain these accusations. The chief editor of the Times took Galea Farrugia’s declaration as true simply because this email was traced by the FBI. Therefore,  Herman Grech jumped to the conclusion that this was sent by Yorgen Fenech and on the basis of this email Yorgen Fenech should not be given bail

Such reasoning clearly shows that Herman Grech lacks editorial guidance and acumen. This 2018 email was sent after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. Therefore, if this email is authentic it cannot be connected to her murder. Hence, any editor worth his or her salt would have first questioned the date given i.e. 2018. Was it truly sent by Yorgen Fenech, or was it sent by someone else who had phished his email account? Moreover, there should have been another question that this editor of the Times should have asked himself. If what the deputy advocate general is stating is correct, why did he not charge Yorgen Fenech with illegal importation and possession of poison, hand grenades, submachine guns, etc? Why has Fenech not been charged with the attempted murder of someone else, presumably Melvin Theuma? The truth is that there was an attempt to kill Melvin Theuma, and this was definitely not organized by Yorgen Fenech but conveniently the police want us to carry on believing that Melvin Theuma attempted suicide! These are salient points that serious editors should be asking if they want to be credible rather than simply ape the drivel being fed to them and to us by the Deputy Attorney General of Malta.

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