The PN finances and the missing link

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Who were the Directors of Medialink and controllers of the PN’s finances when Adrian Delia became leader of the party? Who were the persons responsible for the administration of the Nationalist Party’s finances? Did they change or did they remain the same after Delia became leader? Why did these persons feel threatened with the arrival of Adrian Delia and made sure to have him removed?

These are important factors whose answer explains what makes the clique so united and powerful. This clique is all about money. Its power comes from the control of the Nationalist Party’s finances. It’s all about cash donation income. Let’s say that it is common practice for political parties to publicly declare only 50% of the actual income from cash donations. So this practice leaves them with a hidden cash fund that is controlled by a small clique. The party finances are then totally controlled by a single person. One can imagine the hidden bucket of funds being used to bribe bloggers, journalists, and also salary adjustments, probably MPs on a low income, or to help themselves, besides being used to finance other shady deals. This is why they are intent on keeping full control of the party in their hands and are prepared to crucify anyone who attempts to regularise this situation.

All this resulted from the shortfalls in the system which failed to regularized certain financial issues. Those appointed to put right these issues turned themselves into clique and as the clique grew, the situation started to get out of hand. This is what happened to the Nationalist Party.

This is the real reason why Adrian Delia was removed from leader of the Nationalist Party. Delia wanted to put an end to such abuse. The situation now is not just desperate but a major disaster.

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