The absolutely nonsensical accusations of the Advocate of the Republic

The Deputy Advocate General of the Republic of Malta repeated the same mantra of accusations which he has been quoting for the last 24 months: i.e that  Yorgen Fenech wanted to escape from Malta. In support of this claim, he continuously read from what are being deemed as WhatsApp messages between Yorgen Fenech and third parties. According to the deputy Advocate General, Philip Galea Farrugia, Yorgen Fenech was being assisted by his uncle Ray Fenech and his brother to escape from Malta.

At this point, the obvious question that needs to be asked is the following:

If a person or persons were assisting a criminal to escape from Malta should not the Police have brought in Ray Fenech and Yorgen’s brother for questioning?  The facts are that the Police investigating never did. The truth is that there is more to these messages than is being mentioned in court by Philip Galea Farrugia.

As for the WhatApp messages mentioned by Phillip Galea Farrugia, in my article posted yesterday, I stated that Yorgen Fenech’s mobile had been hacked. And I am informed that this was even told to the three judges behind closed doors during their inquiry. I can add that even his email address had been phished.

-If all this is true, this is serious. All the messages that were being read by Philip Galea Farrugia could be a fabrication so that Yorgen Fenech takes the blame. Lest one forgets, while Yorgen Fenech’s phone was in the hands of the police, Fenech’s wife twice received calls on her personal phone from her husband’s confiscated phone which was being held by the Police!  Even more serious is the fact that messages from these supposed Whatsapp chats were divulged to the media in this instance to the Sunday Times of Malta. And the person mentioned in these WhatsApp messages was the former leader of the Opposition, Adrian Delia. Delia had already dismissed the claims and declared that the messages concerning him were manumitted. In fact, he filed a formal complaint against the police. Here again, the Office of the Attorney General has a say. This case instigated by the former leader of the Opposition months and months ago has not even been allocated a date for the preliminary hearing! The authorities concerned are dormant on this matter since they don’t want this case to be heard in court because they know that Adrian Delia is right. The same holds for the emails. Have anyone verified if the emails read have been manumitted?

 Yet we have the Deputy Advocate General feigning ignorance and behaving like a bull in a china shop, oblivious to all these irregularities and referring to these messages in court as absolute truth.  Where has integrity gotten to? Long dumped by the wayside.

To add to the iniquity of the entire ongoing proceedings that happened today. Until Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers challenged Magistrate Rachel Montebello’s’ decision since she continued refusing to grant Yorgen Fenech bail, the prosecution and the office of Attorney General, in this case, Philip Galea Farrugia, were insisting that they had more witnesses to call up. This was one of the main reasons presented by  Galea Farrugia to present in Magistrate Montebello’s court so that Yorgen Fenech would be refused bail. Now it is clear that Galea Farrugia was lying through his teeth to  Magistrate Montebello and Montebello believed him.

The fact is that once Yorgen Fenech’s defence team made a request for bail to the Superior Courts, the Attorney General’s office issued its bill of indictment, stating that there is enough evidence for Yorgen Fenech to stand trial by jury. What has happened to those individuals that the prosecution claimed it had to present in the Magistrate Court of compilation of evidence a few weeks ago? Why didn’t this office issue this bill of indictment before? Why did the AG wait for Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers to ask for bail to a judge for the AG’s office to issue the bill of indictment? I wish to reiterate that the attorney general was still stating to Magistrate Montebello in open court that he had more witnesses to call. Melvin Theuma and Keith Schembri were still to be counter-examined by the Defence. Furthermore, Matthew Caruana Galizia had to continue to be counter-examined in the next session. Now, the defence cannot continue examining Matthew Caruana Galizia nor can it ever dream to interrogate Keith Schembri or Melvin Theuma about this case. It has to do this during the jury.

Why are Matthew Caruana Galizia, Melvin Theuma, and Keith Schembri being protected by the prosecution? Is this an attempt by the prosecution to defend Matthew Caruana Galizia after he was caught contradicting himself under oath to the extent that the parte civile lawyer was heard several times suggesting to him what to say? It is clear that the falsehood that had been fabricated by the Police and the prosecution in this case implicating a man as the mastermind of this murder when it is clear that he is not. This time, this is not being stated by me but by the Attorney General himself who, in the act of indictment, did not refer to Yorgen Fenech as the mastermind but simply as an accomplice!

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